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Image gallery overview


There are over 50 galleries on this web site. Most of these are “Record of Service Cards” and “Photographic History” galleries.

There are two types of photo galleries on this site:

Image galleries

Each gallery is defined by the settings in the FOOGallery plugin and the “media category” setting for an image determines the specific gallery in which photo gallery the image is displayed. An image can be added to multiple categories and so it will appear in multiple galleries. See Adding an image and Editing an image.

There are 13 pages that display “Photographic History” galleries. In addition, there are the following special galleries:

Images that appear on posts and pages

Many images are ‘hard coded’ on posts and pages. These images cannot and should not be edited by anyone other than the webmaster.

However, several of the “custom post types” contain image galleries that can be modified by users other than Administrators. All users can add, edit and delete images in the galleries that form part of the following post types:

See the Special instructions for photo history galleries article.

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