Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Senior Non-commissioned Officers

Names in red indicate died/killed. Names in blue indicate taken prisoner.

Click HERE to see a gallery of some of those who served.

At Valcartier September 1914

Panoramic image of the 15th Battalion taken just prior to departure from Valcartier camp September 1914
A Coy
Col Sgt J Keith
Sgt CS Burness
Sgt J Annand
Sgt PM Allison
Sgt D Hunter
Pnr Sgt AR Keith
QM Sgt JD Armitage
B Coy
Col Sgt W Ratcliffe
Sgt FJ Harcombe
Sgt HW Hooper
Sgt AA MacDonald
Sgt WL McMaster
LSgt JEC Brown
Shoe Sgt W Miller
Sgt W Russ
C Coy
QM Sgt CR Wilkinson
Col Sgt J Jackson
Sgt WF Wells
Sgt WE Gridley*
Sgt H Band*
Sgt T Barker*
Sgt AA Newlands
Pnr Sgt L Noble*
D Coy
Col Sgt A Goodfellow
Sgt HE Ashling*
Sgt CV Ashling*
Sgt E Rogers*
Sgt J Wink*
Bgr Sgt H Cormack
Arm Sgt SW Graham
Far Sgt SS McPherson
E Coy
Sgt Maj WH Grant
Col Sgt GT Hermitage
Col Sgt HJS Rigby
Sgt HW Page
Sgt H Ralph*
Sgt J Mould
Sgt W Fraser
LSgt EA Pay
F Coy
Col Sgt JT Stephens
Sgt W Walker*
Sgt D Williams
Sgt C Ball*
Sgt A Stevens*
LSgt J Leitch
Staff Sgt GA Crane
Staff Sgt J Bradshaw
LSgt J Campbell
G Coy
Col Sgt LE DeHarte*
Col Sgt HH Goodwin*
Col Sgt HF Browne
Col Sgt GR Edmunds
Col Sgt WGB Duguid*
H Coy
Trump Sgt P Gratton
Col Sgt H Vernon*
Sgt W Jones
Sgt J Milne
Sgt J Shields
JA Thompson*
Sig Sgt W Arthur*
LSgt E Connell*

At Salisbury September 1915

Senior NCOs Salisbury 1915
RSM WH Grant
CSM J Armitage
CSM H Vernon
CSM LE DeHarte
RQMS J Keith
CQMS A Burness
CQMS P Campbell
CQMS A Goodfellow
CQMS J Jackson
Pipe Major A Keith
Band Sgt A Newlands
Medical Sgt S McPherson
Postal Sgt GR Edmunds
Cook Sgt M Cochrane
Provost Sgt A Ferguson
T Barker
W Russ
A McCormack
P Dunbar
WF Wells
AA McDonald
H Band
J Leach
WE Gridley
J Shields
P Allison
G Ball
J Stephens
W McMasters
E Pay
H Page
GC Cresswell
E Rogers
H Purser
H Brown
J Maule
J Annand
HH Goodwin
GWB Duguid
W Walker
AW Hooper
FJ Harcombe
W Jones
J Thompson
H Ashling
C V Ashling
J Checkley
J Wink
W Fraser
H Ralph
J Milne
GT Hermitage

At Toronto 1923

Sr NCOs Toronto 1923


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