Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"


This page provides information on ships that are connected to the history of the 15th Battalion from the 1st Contingent convoy vessels that transported the unit to England in 1914 through to the vessels that repatriated the Battalion’s men in 1919.

Ship positioning for the 1914 1st Contingent convoy
Canada's Answer by Norman Wilkinson. The original painting, some 215cm x 368 cm, is held by the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.
First contingent convoy card kept by Sgt C. Ashling (captured at 2nd Ypres 24 April 1915 and interned at Gottingen POW camp, Germany)

First canadian contingent

Click the image to the right to go to an American site with lots of detail about the convoy that carried the First Canadian Division to England.

Also see: Photographic History – Atlantic Crossing 1914

Great War Primary Document Archive

15th Battalion Troop transports

RMS Baltic

More photos are here: Photographic History – Repatriation 1919  

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