Repatriation 1919

This video shows the 15th Battalion CEF arriving home in Toronto and handing over their Colours to the parent regiment (48th Highlanders of Canada). Circa 1919. Approx 13 mins.

With Colours flying, the 15th Battalion departed Germany on January 7th marching to Bensburg where it entrained for Belgium. The unit arrived  at Moha on January 12th where they would remain until March awaiting repatriation.   Influenza was a concern but otherwise the battalion filled the time with parades – including the Leige Victory Review – educational classes, sports and leaves for all ranks. Finally, on March 19th, the battalion entrained for Le Havre, France to board ship to the UK where they would remain at Bramshott camp for a period of leave before the final leg of the repatriation to Canada.  The battalion boarded the RMS Baltic in Liverpool on April 24th; arrived in Halifax on May 7th; entrained for Toronto and arrived at Exhibition Station the next day.

The battalion received a tumultuous welcome by the City of Toronto and the home Regiment. It paraded at Varsity Stadium where the Colours it carried in Germany were returned to the home Regiment and the remaining members of the battalion were dismissed to return home. The 15th Battalion was officially demobilized on May 10, 1919.

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