Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Occupation of Germany 1918-19

The 15th Battalion had crossed The Rhine over the Neue Brucke (New Bridge) at Cologne in pouring rain on December 12, 1918 and took up outpost lines in the area around the picturesque town of Engelskirchen with Battalion HQ in the town at Schloss (castle) Ehreshoven. Their stay was brief – 16 December 1918 to 7 January 1919 and relatively uneventful.  The home Regiment’s Colours arrived from Canada and were paraded by the battalion. They enjoyed a peaceful, white Christmas with many festivities, including a memorable Officer’s Mess Dinner in the Schloss. New Years Day the battalion paraded through the town and the next day leave to Colgne was authorized for all ranks. 

On January 4th, the unit was informed that in three days it would be relieved in the bridgehead by the British 41st Division and the long journey home would begin.

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