Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Post War

The 15th Battalion was demobilized in May 1919 and following the 1920 Militia re-designations the now 48th Regiment (Highlanders) assumed the perpetuation of the three CEF battalions – 15th, 92nd, 134th – it had raised for service in the Great War. Although the majority of the men who served in the 15th Battalion during the war returned to civilian life, many veterans, especially those from the Toronto area, remained in the Militia serving with the 48th throughout the 1920s and 30s and some even served again in World War 2.

Many of those experienced, veteran Officers and NCOs of the 15th Battalion rose to leadership positions as Commanding Officers, RSMs, Company Commanders and CSMs in the postwar period.

But whether they were serving or former serving members of the 15th Battalion, the bonds of their wartime service were strong and the Regiment nurtured and maintained those bonds through annual regimental events such as Church parades, Remembrance Day services, reunions and veterans associations. On November 11th 1923, in a moving service attended by thousands, The Regiment dedicated a memorial to its Great War Fallen at Queen’s Park in Toronto. The memorial was designed by architect Eric Haldenby who had been an Officer in the 15th Battalion.

In 1927, The Regiment hosted a large three day reunion in Toronto attended by thousands of veterans of the 15th Battalion.

In 1928, His Majesty the King awarded the 48th Highlanders 21 Battle Honours that had been won by the 15th Battalion in The Great War and 10 of the newly awarded Battle Honours chosen for emblazonment on The Colours were engraved on the Regimental memorial.

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