Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"


Cap badge 1
Cap badge 2
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Shoulder title
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Shoulder patch
3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

Rank insignia

Click on an image below to learn more about each rank and how it contributed to the Battalion. All rank badges were worn on the sleeves of the uniform. Click HERE to learn about the organization of an infantry battalion.

Lieutenant Colonel
Commanded a battalion of approximately 1000 men.
Commanded the battalion’s four Companies each of which was of approximately 200 men in four platoons. Also, one per battalion was the Second-in-Command or Deputy Commanding Officer of the battalion.
Second-in-command of a Company and commanded various support elements of the battalion such as Machine Gun,Transport, Signals, Intelligence, Quarter Master. The battalion’s Adjutant was also normally a Captain.
Normally commanded one of the battalions 16 platoons of approximately 40-50 men. Also used for a variety of other battalion positions usually in battalion HQ.
2nd Lieutenant
Normally employed as Platoon Commanders. Also used for a variety of other battalion positions.
Regimental Sergeant Major (R.S.M.)
is the senior non-commissioned soldier in an infantry battalion.
Warrant Officer 2
Company Sergeant Major of one of the battalion’s four Companies or Battalion Quartermaster
Staff Sergeant
Company Quartermaster Sergeant (Colour Sergeant at the beginning of the war.)
Normally employed as Second-in-Command of one of the 40 man infantry platoons in a company  or as Section Commanders of one of the platoon’s four Sections of approximately 10-12 men.  Also employed in those same roles in the specialist platoons or sections of the battalion – ie: Pioneers, Signals, Intelligence/Scouts, Transport, Quarter Master, etc
Typically, the non-commissioned rank in charge of a 10-12 man section
Lance Corporal
Second in charge of a section and a rank that may be held by specialists such as machine gunners, signallers, etc
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