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We have not attempted to list all officers who served in the 15th battalion through the war. Rather, we provide below a series of “snapshots” for each year of the war. For many years we have a photo (with as many names as possible identified) and a listing showing the organizational structure of the battalion at that time.

Click HERE to see a gallery of some of those who served.

Names in red indicate died/killed. Names in blue indicate taken prisoner.

Panoramic image of the 15th Battalion taken just prior to departure from Valcartier camp September 1914

Valcartier, September 1914

Senior Officers

Lieutenant Colonel JA Currie
Major WR Marshall*
Major W Hendrie
Major AJ MacKenzie


OH Mabee
G Alexander *
RR McKessock*  

RC Darling *
RY Cory*  
G Musgrove 

KR Marshall
GH McLaren
AN Daniels   

AR McGregor*
T Warren *
RLM Donaldson


RH Davidson
WH Shoenberger
EW Bickle
IMR Sinclair
FW MacDonald
GI Landmuir
WW Jago

W Mavor
EO Bath
J Kay
FJ Smith
HM Wilson
WP Malone
JH Dansereau

PG Campbell
PP Acland
HA Barwick
EV Jones
J Duguid
EJ Long

AE Muir
CV Fessenden
FM Perry
FM Gibson
WB Lawson
JAM Livingston
HM Scott

Salisbury, UK February 1915

15 bn officers -Salisbury 1915

From Left to Right—Top Row: Lt. J.A.M. Livingstone, (W); Lt. W.P. Malone; Lt. L.V. Jones, (G.P.); Lt. H.M. Scott, (G); Lt. G.P. Taylor, (K); Lt. R.H. Davidson; Lt. Q.T. Langmuir,(K); Hon. Capt. Moffat, Chaplain; Lt. H.A. Barwick,(G.P.); Lt. F.M. Gibson,(K).

Second Row Standing: Lt. A.J. Sinclair, (W); Lt. E.W. Bickle, (W.G.); Lt. A.E. Muir, (K); Lt. C.V. Fessenden, (G.P.); Lt. E.O. Bath, (G.P.); Lt. W.B. Lawson; Lt. F.H.C. MacDonald, (G.P.); Lt. F.J. Smith, (G.P.); Lt. J.A. Dansereau (W.G.); Lt. W.W. Jago, (W); Lt. W. Mavor, (G.W. 3); Lt. P.G. Campbell; Lt. P.P. Acland, M.C., (W).

Sitting Down; Capt. Frank Perry; Capt. A.M. Daniels, (K); Capt. C.H. Musgrove, (W); Capt. F.G.M. Alexander, M.C., (G.P.); Surgeon Major A.J. MacKenzie; Lt. Col. Wm. Hendrie, (Divisional Remount Officer); Col. J.A. Currie, M.P., (G), (Commanding Officer); Major W.R. Marshall, D.S.O., (K); Major J.E.K. Osborne, (W.G.P.): Capt. G.H. McLaren, (G.); Capt. A.R. McGregor, (K.); Capt. R.R. McKessock, (G.W.P.).

Battalion Headquarters
 Lt Col JA Currie                Commanding Officer
Major WR Marshall *          Deputy Commanding Officer 
Capt RC Darling*               Adjutant
Capt  JT Duguid                Quartermaster 
Major AJ MacKenzie         Medical Officer 
Capt RR McKessock*        Machine Gun Officer 
Capt OH Mabee                 Paymaster
Lt JA Dansereau               Signals Officer
Lt WW Jago                      Transport Officer
No 1 Company

Capt AR McGregor
Capt FM Perry
Lt W Mavor
Lt GI Langmuir
Lt GB Taylor

No 2 Company

Capt GM Alexander
Capt RY Cory
Lt HA Barwick
Lt Gibson
Lt EV Jones
Lt EO Bath

Base Company - UK
Capt KR Marshall 
Capt Musgrove 17th Bn 
Lt WP Malone
Lt WH Davidson
Lt KR Muir*
Lt WB Lawson
Lt P Campbell 17th Bn
Lt J Kay* 17th Bn
Lt HM Wilson*
Lt PP Acland 17th Bn
Lt JAM Livingston 17th Bn
Capt WH Donaldson   Staff
Major W Hendrie, Div Remount Offr
17th Bn Officers who joined 28 Apr 1915

Major CE Bent
Capt DW Forbes
Capt LR Cutten
Capt R Smith
Lt TR Wheadon

No 3 Company

Capt GH McLaren
Capt AN Daniels
Lt WH Schoenberger
Lt FJ Smith
Lt HM Scott

No 4 Company

Maj JEK Osborne
Capt T Warren
Lt CV Fessenden
Lt FW MacDonald
Lt EW Bickle
Lt AJ Sinclair

Names in red indicate died/killed. Names in blue indicate taken prisoner.

The Somme October 1916

15th Battalion Officers at the brickyards in Albert after being relieved on the Somme 10 October 1916

Top row standing: Futcher, ?, ?, Capt L Moffat, Capt OH Mabee, Lt Shaw ?, ?, Lts T Cowan, EM Haldane, I Cameron & JC Webster

2nd row seated: ?, ?,Lt W Maybin,  Lt G Winnifrith, LtCol Bent, ?, ?, Capt A Ansley, Lt HP Edge

1st row ground: ?, ?, Maj WP Malone, Capt E Haldenby, Maj W Mavor, ?, ?

Noeux-les-Mines August 1917

15th Battalion Officers August 1917 prior to Hill 70

Top row standing: Lts DW MacDonald & TM Cowan, Majs  A Turnbull & JP Girvan, Lt I Robertson, Capt H Price Lt H McLauglin, Capt Samuel

3rd row standing: Capts TR Wheadon & Uhlens, Capt HJB Rigby, Lts W Graham & JA Wylie, Capts KB MacLaren, RD Mackenzie & R Morten, Maj D Grant, Lt T McGee, Capt EM Haldane

2nd row seated: Lts SJ Reeves, GS Winnifrith & HP Edge, Maj JW Forbes, LtCol CE Bent, Capt EW Haldenby, Lts BJ Tait, GT Chisholm & W Proudfoot.

1st row seated: Lts ACH Andrews & GB Chisholm, Maj W Mavor,  Chaplain Canon Scott, Maj DC Sheppard, Lt AG Donald

Near Arras, 1918

" 15th battalion Officers at Y Huts Etrun near Arras May 1918

Top row: Lts Lester & Snow, Capt Cowan, Lts Miller, D’Esterre, Mackinnin, Robertson & Maxwell-Scott, Capt Murray, Lt Skene, Capt Read

2nd row seated: Lts Leighton & Albright, Capts Rigby & Mackenzie, Majs Turnbull, Maybin & Forbes, Lt Col Bent, Capt Haldenby, Maj Girvan, Capt Edge, Lts Andrews, Colquhoun, Ferguson & Denton

1st row ground: Lts Smith, Murphy, Loudon, Fergusson, Malone, HH Donald, Chisholm, AG Donald & Brokenshire

Bas-Oha, Belgium - February 1919

February 1919 BN HQ, Bas-Oha prior to Repatriation

Top row standing: Lts F Cook, D Miller, J Henderson,  LM Murray, H Donald, MC Brokenshire&  Lt WC Barclay

3rd row standing: Lt WW Keele, AJ Lester, DD Thompson, J Robertson,WT Uhlens, C Henderson, G Davies, MR Twomey,  JE Banton, R Inglis & G Macklin, Capt Williams, Padre Smith, McGregor,

2nd row seated: Lts Harvey, TM Cowan,& HJS Rigby, Majs W Maybin & JP Girvan, Lt Col CE Bent, Capts EW Haldenby, AC Futcher & FW Grant, Lts D Donald, RSC Webber, Andrews

1st row ground: Lts FCS French, G Malone & WH Denton, Capt J Robertson


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