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Ryerson Project

This page outlines a project carried out by students at Ryerson University in April 2013.

The objective of the project was to produce an “Interactive Map Representation and Demo graphic Analysis of the Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men 15th Battalion C.E.F 1914”

The Ryerson University consulting team accomplished this project through the completion of four phases. The first phase included the creation of a comprehensive database template through the consolidation of three data sources: Nominal Roll of Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers and Men of the 15th Battalion C.E.F 1914, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission list of 15th Battalion C.E.F casualties 1914-1918, and the Record of Service cards for members of the 15th Battalion. The second phase included the entry of each enlistee (1,139 in total) from the 15th Battalion Nominal Roll as a single record into the database. The third phase involved the creation of interactive maps to show the 15th Battalion enlistees with next of kin addresses in Canada as well as a map of the world, with both maps including pop-up windows to provide more detailed information. In the fourth phase, the team provided a comprehensive brochure (left) of the 15th Battalion Nominal Roll’s demographic composition. With the help of maps, charts, tables, and diagrams, this phase provides analysis and insight about the demographics of the original battalion.

Map showing home addresses of those killed in action: 15th Battalion Interactive Map – KIA

Next of kin map: 15th Battalion Interactive Map – next of kin – all original members

Note that these maps are hosted by Esri – creators of ArcGIS Online –  cloud-based software to create and share interactive web maps.

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