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Battalion Part II Daily Orders

Battalion Daily Orders were divided into two parts:

  • Part I of the Daily Orders specified who the duty officer was and what activities the battalion would be involved in.
  • Part II of the Daily Orders were more detailed, recording such things as movements, crimes, punishments, admission and discharges from hospitals, leaves, awards, promotions and casualties.  They were kept in two files; one for the complete set and another for Officers only. The Military abbreviation for the Part II Daily Orders was PT II DO followed by the number and the date. Despite being referred to as Daily Orders circumstances might not permit their publication on a daily basis.

PT II Daily Orders were numbered sequentially by year and in the case of the 15th Battalion the sequence of the PT II Daily Orders that have survived are complete for the years 1915, 1917, 1918 and 1919. However, the 1916 sequence is missing #s 1 to 13.

1915: PT II Daily Order # 1, 14-3-1915 to # 38, 27-11-1915
1916: PT II Daily Order # 14, 31-3-1916 to # 96, 31-12-1916
1917: PT II Daily Order # 1, 2-1-1917 to # 138, 31-12-1916
1918: PT II Daily Order # 1, 5-1-1918 to # 125, 30-12-1918
1919: PT II Daily Order # 1, 6-1-1919 to # 24, 29-3-1919

All of the daily orders listed below are in PDF format and most are searchable. To find a name, open the PDF and use your PDF client to search the document.

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