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Adding images

Image galleries

Since only Administrators can add or edit images that are built into the design of pages and posts, this article is focused on the addition of images to one of the photo galleries on this web site.  There are two types of photo galleries on this site:

Image galleries

This web site uses the FooGallery software for most photo galleries. The images that appear in any given gallery are determined by the “Media category” that has been assigned. An image can be added to multiple categories and so it will appear in multiple galleries. See “Editing an image” below.

There are 13 pages that display “Photographic History” FooGallery galleries. In addition, there are the following special galleries:

Images that appear on posts and pages

However, several of the “custom post types” contain image galleries that can be modified by users other than Administrators. All users can add, edit and delete images in the galleries that form part of the following post types:

Media Library

Where images are stored

With the exception of the Record of Service card images, all images are stored in the Media Library. (Our Media Library also houses audio and video files as well as documents (PDF files and Word documents) but this Knowledge Base article only deals with images.

Types of images

This topic deals only with photographic images and PDF files. Generally, only files with the following file name extensions should be uploaded to the web site: pdf, jpeg, gif, png, and jpg.

Replacement images

Occasionally you may need to replace an existing image if a better-quality image become available. You MUST follow the “Replace image” procedure described in the Replacing an Image article.

Summary of steps involved

There are three steps involved in adding images to the web site:

  1. Re-name the image file as instructed below.
  2. Upload the image file
  3. Add the caption, etc. (Required)
  4. Assign “media category” (Required)
  5. If you are adding an image that is to be displayed in one of the FooGallery galleries, the “media category” you assign will determine in which gallery the image appears. After you have performed the above steps for an image, go to the FooGallery menu item on the dashboard then click Galleries. A list of all the galleries on the web site will appear. Click the title of the gallery to which you want to add the image and then click the Update button (in the right hand column in the ‘Publish’ section.)

It is absolutely essential that you follow these instructions carefully. There are thousands of images stored on this web site and, therefore, it is essential that administrators are able to easily locate and edit/delete images.

Naming image files

  1. If an image is to be associated with an ‘item’, then the filename should clearly describe the subject of the image. Example: An oil painting or photo. Don’t just name the file “LCol Bent.jpg” Instead use something like: “LCol Bent – oil painting.jpg”
  2. If an image is a photo of an individual, then name the file with the name of the person (last, first) followed by any suitable text. If the person’s name is similar to others, include the soldier’s service number in the file name. Example: Name a photo of a headstone as follows: “Headstone Pte Bloggs JG headstone.jpg”
  3. Do not to use commas in image file names.

When you upload a media file, WordPress will automatically use the file name (less the file extension) as the “Title” of the file. You can edit this title once the file has been uploaded.

Uploading images to the Media Library

To add images to the library, you can either:

  • Click Media on the dashboard then “Add new” or
  • Click “Add new” on the Media Library listing.

The “Upload new Media” screen will open. You can either:

  1. Drag the image(s)  you are uploading on to the screen or
  2. Click the Select files button and click on each of the file(s) you are uploading.

Wait until the web site indicates that the uploading is complete. Each uploaded image will have an Edit label next to it. Click on Edit to add the REQUIRED information: caption and media category. You can also add the provenance of the image in the Description field. If you miss doing this for each uploaded image, follow the “Editing an image” procedure below.


Editing an image

Now that the images have been uploaded, you MUST add a caption and media category to each image. The caption will be shown below the image on the web site. (The system displays the CAPTION, not the title of each image.)

To edit an image, start by displaying the Media Gallery in list view. Click on the image title and the “Edit media” screen will appear.


Below the image are several fields. The only field that MUST be completed is the Caption field. You can enter several lines of information here. (We recommend not more than three full lines.)

Media category

Select a ‘media category’ from the drop down list in the box in the right-hand column. Media categories which are flagged with a star (*) represent photo galleries. If you select one of these categories, the image will appear in the corresponding gallery. If the image is assigned a category without a star, it will not appear anywhere on the site unless you also add it to a gallery in a custom post type.

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