Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Editing image titles, captions and ‘media categories’

Introduction With the exception of the Record of Service card images, all images are stored in the Media Library. (Detailed information on the Media Library screen is HERE.) Our Media Library also houses audio and video files as well as documents (PDF files and Word documents) but this Knowledge Base article only deals with images. […]

Media Library

All images on the web site are stored in the Media Library which is a folder on the web server. To see all images on the web site, go to the Dashboard and click on Media then click Library. There are two display formats available: list and grid. Click on one of the two icons […]

Replacing an image

Background Each time you upload an image to the database, that image is stored in the “Media library”. So if you want to replace an image that is attached to an Item or a Soldier, the replacement image will NOT overwrite the original image even if the image file names are the same. Instead a […]

Adding images

Image galleries Since only Administrators can add or edit images that are built into the design of pages and posts, this article is focused on the addition of images to one of the photo galleries on this web site.  There are two types of photo galleries on this site: Image galleries This web site uses […]

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