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Editing image titles, captions and ‘media categories’


All images are stored in the Media Library. (Detailed information on the Media Library screen is HERE.) Our Media Library also houses audio and video files as well as documents (PDF files and Word documents) but this Knowledge Base article only deals with images.

Select image

From the dashboard, click on Media, then Library. With the Library in either List or Grid view, enter a search term in the search box in the upper right corner of the screen and press Enter or click Search. Select the image you want to edit, then click either the Title of the image (in List view) or the image thumbnail (in Grid view.) The “attachment” record will open.

Edit image

When images are uploaded to the Media Library, WordPress creates an “attachment” record in the WordPress database that allows for the addition of several fields of data including the “title”, “caption” and “description.” The attachment record also contains the URL (location and filename of the image on the server) of the image file. Users cannot edit this URL.


When a new image is uploaded, the title is automatically set to the file name of the image (minus the file name extension.)


In most cases, the caption will be shown below the image on the web site. (The system generally displays the CAPTION, not the Title of each image.) The caption should completely describe the image. For photos, you should include all known details: who the people are, where and when was the photo taken, the occasion, etc.


Include information about the provenance of the image in the Description field. On this web site, the Description field only appears in the Galleries.

Media category

This is a critical component of the Media Library. The media category field helps to locate images in the library. But more importantly it determines in which photo gallery the image will appear (if any). If the media category is not set, the image will not appear in any photo gallery.

In order to edit the title, caption or media category of a media file, it must first be located.



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