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The Vimy Cross Returns to France

Scene from CBC documentary showing the cross temporarily located at CA 35 where it was originally erected


The story of the Vimy cross

The story of the original cross erected in the days after the assault on Vimy Ridge and how it came to Canada.

The Vimy Cross Returns to France

The Cross returns to France on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the battle of Vimy Ridge.

The Cross Comes to Canada – again

Details of the ceremony on the occasion of its return to the Regimental Museum

A new cross rises at Vimy

The erection of a granite replica by the 15th Battalion Memorial Project team.

The man who built the cross

The story of the man and how he was finally identified.

In 2017, the Chairman of the 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project made a proposal to Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC) to have the Vimy cross return to Vimy for the 2017 Centenary of Vimy ridge and to be on display at the opening of the new Vimy Visitor Education Centre. (VEC)

48th Highlanders Regimental museum supported the proposal and authorized temporary loan of the cross for the Centenary year 2017-2018. VAC made arrangements for the archival packing and shipment of the cross to Vimy.

The project Chairman also approached CBC to determine if there was interest in the story of the cross and its return to France possibly as part of CBC’s coverage of the upcoming Centenary  ceremony at Vimy.  CBC approved of the proposal and assigned journalist Nala Aeyad to cover the journey of the cross from the museum in Toronto back to Vimy. The result was a moving documentary that aired on 8 April 2017.

Several relatives of 15th Battalion men whose names appear on the cross were located by the 15th Battalion Memorial Project and were on hand when the cross was packed for shipment at the Regimental Museum in St Andrews Presbyterian Church in February 2017.

15th Battalion Memorial Project Chairman, Brigadier General (ret) Greg Young and relatives of 15th Battalion men KIA at Vimy in 1917. L-R: Richard Merritt (Private Orlando Wilcox), Joseph McLauchlin (Private John Owens) and Scott Kean (Private Edwin Keen) All were attending the filming of the Vimy cross’ return to France CBC documentary. February 2017.

The Project Chairman requested that the cross be photographed at its original wartime locations at CA39 and Nine Elms Cemetery before being installed on display at the Vimy Visitor Education Centre. (See the image at the top of this page.)

15th Battalion Project Team Simon Godly and Vimy VAC staff view the cross after its arrival at Vimy. 15 Feb 2017

On 8 April the cross was prominently displayed on the opening  dedication day of the Visitor Education Centre and was viewed by VIPs and hundreds of Canadians who attended the Centenary ceremony on April 9th. Included in those visitors were  relatives of men who died at Vimy and whose names appear on the cross.

Fred Ryall and family in front of the 15th Battalion’s Vimy cross at the Vimy Visitor Education Centre during the 2017 Centenary of Vimy Ridge. Pte Charles Ryall was KIA on April 9, 1917, and his name is inscribed on the cross.
Governor General David Johnston views the Vimy cross. 9 April 2017
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