92nd Battalion CEF: 1915-1917

Cap badge
92nd battalion cap badge
  • August 1915 authorization to stand-up, recruit and commence training
  • Composition: three companies 48th and one company 91st Regiment (Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders of Canada) ,Hamilton
  • Decision made to identify one company (3 platoons 48 and 1 platoons 48th and 1 platoon ASH of C) ) as a Reinforcing Draft and dispatch it to Europe ahead of the main Battalion
  • Aug-Oct 1915 training conducted at Camp Niagara
  • Nov 1915 Reinforcing Draft Company departs Toronto for Halifax and then the UK  arriving on 4 Nov onboard SS Lapland
  • Draft moves into billets at East and West Sandling Camp UK where training continues
  • •May 1916 decision made to break this Reinforcing Draft company into smaller drafts to reinforce battalions already in Europe.
  • Drafts go to the 15th, 13th and 42nd Battalions
  • By end of war 44 men from the original Reinforcing Draft company have been KIA serving with other battalions. The list of Officers KIA is on p.413 of the regimental history
  • The main body of the 92nd Battalion departs Toronto for Halifax 9 May 1916;  departs Halifax 20 May onboard Empress of Britain in convoy with The Adriatic, the Baltic and HMS Drake arriving in Liverpool 28 May 1916
  • Decision made to breakup the entire Battalion into drafts to reinforce battalions in Europe as per the 92nd’s Reinforcing Draft company. These drafts go mainly to the 15th, 13th, and 42nd Battalions but also to other CEF Battalions.
  • List of 92nd Bn Officers Kia while serving with other CEF battalions on p.411 Regimental history
  • The 92nd Battalion, which was authorized on 30 July 1915 as the ’92nd “Overseas” Battalion, CEF’, 13 embarked for Britain on 20 May 1916.14 The battalion provided reinforcements to the Canadian Corps in the field until 24 January 1917, when its personnel were absorbed by the ‘5th Reserve Battalion, CEF’.  The battalion was disbanded on 1 September 1917.

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