Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

134TH BN CEF: 1915-1918​

134 battalion cap badge
  • 4 Dec 1915 authorized to stand up
  • LCol Duncan Commanding Officer
  • Jan 1916 recruiting commences with 1200 on strength by 22 Feb
  • Billeted at CNE Horticulture building barracks
  • 16 May Bn moves to Camp Niagara and from there to Camp Borden
  • LCol Miller new CO and Maj Allan DCOList of Bn Officers and NCOs (including their eventual fate) p. 415 Regimental history
  • 5 Aug 1916 depart Borden for Halifax arriving 8 Aug
  • Depart Halifax onboard SS Scotian escorted by HMS Carnarvon
  • 18 Aug arrive in UK and move to Bramshott scheduled for 5th Div
  • Decision to made to send a 350 man reinforcement draft to the 15th Bn on 7 Oct
  • Bn moves to Whitley Camp Surrey 1 Nov and 22 Jan 1917 is posted to the new 5th Cdn Div
  • More reinforcement drafts taken from the Bn: 378 – 19th and 117 – 3rd in May; 100 – 15th Feb 1918
  • 12 Feb 1918 decision made to demobilize the 5th Div and the remaining Bn is broken up into 3 x 100 man reinforcing drafts to each of 4th Bn, 4CMR and the 15th Bn
  • The battalion provided reinforcements to the Canadian Corps in the field until 7 March 1918, when its personnel were absorbed by the ’12th Reserve Battalion, CEF

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