Scarpe, 1918

26 - 30 Aug 1918
Troops of the Gordon Highlanders resting outside Tilloy-les-Mofflaines on their way to the front in May 1917.

From 26-30 September 1918 the Battle of Scarpe 1918 took place in the area east of Arras with the Scarpe River as the Northern boundary. This battle was part of the 100 Days Offensive and included the Battle of Arras (26-28 Sept 18).

The thrust of the battle was to push German forces to the east towards the Hindenburg Line.  During this time frame the 15th Bn occupied front line positions on 28-29 August at Sun Quarry located just west of Wancourt.  During this period the unit suffered 10 killed and 26 wounded. On 30 August they served in support of the 1st Brigade assault on Upton Wood.


Map from Nicholson, Official History of the Canadian Army
Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919


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