Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Sergeant (ret’d) Guy Bowie, CD

Guy enlisted in 1977 with the 48th Highlanders at the age of 16 and completed his basic training. Having left the Regiment to complete his post-secondary education, Sgt. Bowie re-enlisted in 1983 and served with the 48th until retiring from the Primary Reserve in 1997. Sgt. Bowie carried out a variety of tasks during his time with the regiment, including: Small Arms Instructor, Platoon Sergeant, District Battle School Instructor. He has always felt it a privilege to serve in such a historic and storied regiment. In civilian life, Sgt. Bowie has pursued a career in information systems, including his past position as Vice President, Information Technology for William F. White International Limited, and his current position as Principal at KeyPoint Systems Limited in Toronto. Sgt. Bowie continues to serve the regiment as Secretary of the 48th Highlanders Continuing Sergeants Association, and is honoured to be part of the 15th Battalion Memorial Project Team as it works to preserve the memory of those who sacrificed so much.

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