Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Mr Simon Godly

Mr Simon Godly is based in France. The Great War became a passionate hobby somewhat by accident. Whilst on a visit to France back in the nineties, Simon walked into Terlincthun CWGC Cemetery near Boulogne. His great-grandfather had served with the Leicesters during the war and had been gassed. Although his grandfather survived, he was never the same man and died shortly afterwards; crippled physically and mentally by his experiences. Looking at thousands of crosses from a multitude of races, friend and foe alike, set Simon off on the long road of visiting the sites and monuments and ultimately creating a website to recount his battlefield travels

On retiring from the police force, Simon decided to base himself in France and this has led to a number of valued friendships both in France and abroad. From a Canadian perspective, Simon worked closely with Vern Theissen during the research for the play “Vimy”. He has also written articles for the Central Ontario Branch WFA on two subjects close to his heart….Battlefields and Beer. It was, however, his association with historian and author Michel Gravel that brought him into contact with Brig. General Greg Young and his team. In 2010, Simon was asked to sound out the possibilities for a commemorative plaque at Festubert. Following its successful inauguration in 2011, Simon was invited to join the team as their “Man in Havana” to work with various French authorities to obtain permission for the construction of the monuments. To quote Simon. ”It is a task I undertake with pleasure, for, to quote a widow’s epitaph to her husband: “If I do not remember, who will?”…our answer should be a resounding ‘We Will!’”


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