Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Cpl (ret’d) Peter Sienienwicz

Peter Sieniewicz joined the regiment in 1973 as a private.  In 1975 he was promoted Corporal and became a section commander in Charlie Company.  Having been born in Montreal, in 1976, he was posted to 2 Service Battalion who were stationed in the city during Op Games Can the military support of the 1976 Olympics.  He left the unit in 1977 to pursue other interests and now lives in England working as an advisor in the oil and gas industry on offshore diving operations.

Pete joined the 15th Battalion project team in 2010 when he was approached to locate and photograph a number of grave markers initially 15 Bn soldiers and subsequently for the 92 and 134 Bn members who had succumbed to their wounds whilst convalescing in the UK.  These gravestones are located in a number of locations throughout England and Scotland.  Over the years he has also attended a number of the 15 Bn dedications both in France and Belgium.

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