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Vimy Cross CBC documentary

CBC documentary – Vimy cross

In 2017, and as a spin-off of the Memorial Project’s work to return the 15th Battalion’s original Vimy cross to France for the centenary of Vimy Ridge and the opening of the new Vimy Visitor Education Centre,  Project Chairman Brigadier General (ret) Greg Young approached CBC producers about the possibility of a documentary that would feature the cross’ return and be used as part of CBC’s April 9, 2017 Centenary media coverage. The proposal was accepted and the entire journey of the cross from the regimental Museum in Toronto to the Vimy battlefield where it stood in 1917 and from there to the new Visitor centre was filmed by CBC. Project Team member Simon Godly in France assisted the documentary’s host Nala Ayad and the production entitled ‘Rare battlefield cross returns to Vimy’ aired on April 8, 2017.

Date: April 8, 2017
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