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'Canada's Soldier' - CBC Documentary

CBC documentary – ‘Canada’s Soldier’

In 2014 the CBC was working to produce a documentary featuring Peter Mansbridge that would air on Remembrance Day November 11th. The program retraced the steps that Canadians took as they were dispatched to fight in the First World War and followed the steps of several featured individual soldiers through the war. The 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project was approached by CBC producers and asked to provide a possible candidate for one of the featured soldiers.  The individual submitted, and accepted by the producers, was John Girvan who rose from the rank of Private in 1914 to Commanding Officer of the 15th Battalion by 1918 and who was the most highly decorated individual in the unit’s history.

The Memorial Project assisted in the production of the documentary by providing numerous period images related to Girvan; connecting the producers with Girvan’s living relatives who were featured in the documentary; and by connecting the producers with Project Team members in Belgium and France for the segments of the documentary filmed in those countries.

Date: November 11, 2014
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