Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

15th Battalion CEF Pipe Band, Liege, Belgium, February, 4th, 1919

Photo title: 52.
Media category: *Germany 1918 - 1919 photo gallery

Acting P/M Alexander Austin Newlands (P/M Alexander Reid Keith on leave)

“February’s feature was the Liege Review, held on the 4th. Every battalion in the 1st Division was represented. Many passes were issued to men of the Battalion who travelled to Liege by train. The salute was taken by Lt. Gen. A. Jacques, commanding the Fifth Belgian Army. The G.O.C. rode at the head of the Division escorted by a detachment of Lord Strathcona’s Horse. Then followed the Brigades, 2nd, 1st, 3rd, C.E.’s, 1st Battalion, C.M.G.C., Signallers, Field Ambulance, Artillery, and Train. Liege was flooded with troops after the parade, which was, perhaps, the most striking sight of the after war period.”

(p.401, 48th Highlanders of Canada 1891-1928, Kim Beattie, 1932)

Photo – Four pipers front row plus Acting P/M Newlands; five rows in total equals 21 pipers; although back row may also have only 2 pipers. On this date 23 pipers available.

Numbered in photo:

  1. Acting P/M A.A. Newlands 27836
  2. Piper William Mair 192270
  3. Piper Arthur John Gordon 30207
  4. Piper Angus Macdonald 135514
  5. Piper Donald Macdonald 192071
  6. Unknown (could be Lawrie 799255 or MacWilliam 1045177)
  7. Piper George Christie Henderson 59456
  8. Acting P/Sgt. Archibald MacDonald 27920
  9. Piper David Braidwood 13611

December 7th, 2021 – Research compiled and credits to the 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project / J. Busby / S. Stothers.

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