Trench warfare

Trench warfare in the Great War was employed primarily in an area in northern France and Belgium known as The Western Front. It developed in late 1914 as the opposing armies dug in to prevent flanking attacks from the other. The armies of World War I were constituted as they were a century before and […]


This page provides information on ships that are connected to the history of the 15th Battalion from the 1st Contingent convoy vessels that transported the unit to England in 1914 through to the vessels that repatriated the Battalion’s men in 1919. Canada’s Answer by Norman Wilkinson. The original painting, some 215cm x 368 cm, is […]

War art

Troops were rotated into the trenches, four days in and four days out, with weeks, and often months, passing between battles. During the day, time in the trenches was spent under cover, sheltering from the shelling by artillery. To occupy the long hours, the men made elaborate items, both decorative and functional, from shell casings, […]


Customs & Traditions How we honour those who served – especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Learn More Families Remember Learn about some of the families who are honouring their ancestors. Learn More Regimental Memorials Queen’s Park, St Andrew’s church and Mount Pleasant Cemetary Learn More Books of Remembrance In our Books of Remembrance, […]