Personnel Administration in the CEF

This page covers appointments, attachments, postings and promotions within the Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF).  Creation of the CEF and the the Exercise of National Command and Administration. The architect of the CEF from the assembly of the First Contingent which included the 15th Battalion (48th Highlanders) at Valcartier during August 1914 and the fielding of […]

Postings and Attachments

Display the PDF document below to see a unit diary that records every soldier/officer attached out for duty, training, medical treatment and to detention. Postings The term “posting” that is commonly used today to formally record the move of a Canadian soldier or officer out of one unit to another was not used during WW […]

Battalion Part II Daily Orders

Battalion Daily Orders were divided into two parts: Part I of the Daily Orders specified who the duty officer was and what activities the battalion would be involved in. Part II of the Daily Orders were more detailed, recording such things as movements, crimes, punishments, admission and discharges from hospitals, leaves, awards, promotions and casualties.  […]

Nominal rolls

A Nominal Roll is simply a list of all personnel officially on strength of a unit at a specific point in time. As the Battalion’s composition changed throughout the course of the war, the Nominal Roll would be in an almost constant state of flux. How many Nominal Rolls the 15th Battalion had is unknown […]

Audio, video and film archives

In addition to the items shown below, click this button to see our YouTube channel. Youtube W.H. Joliffe interview The “hellhole” that was Passchendaele Wallace Carroll interview A different experience at Passchendaele The Memory Project Reading of letters from Pte Leslie Scherer, 15th Battalion. Click icon above. W.E. Curtis interview The attack on Passchendaele

War diaries

Introduction: What are War Diaries? The following is from the Library and Archives Canada (LAC) web site: From the start of the First World War, Canadian Expeditionary Force (CEF) units were required to maintain a daily account of their “Actions in the Field.” This log was called a war diary. This collection contains the digitized […]

Record of service cards

Index Please select a letter from the table below to view record of service cards for surnames beginning with the letter chosen. When the selected page opens, you can search that page for Highlanders with a specific last name. A Ba – Bl Bo – By C D E F G H I J K […]

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