Shoulder patch - 3rd Infantry brigade - 1st Canadian Division

"Faithful Forever"

Mascots of the 15th battalion

15th Battalion mascot ‘Bruno’ poses with Senior NCOs at Noeux-les-Mines, France just prior to the battle of Hill 70 in August 1917.

It was not an uncommon practice amongst the CEF Battalions to adopt an animal as their battalion’s mascot and the 15th Battalion was no exception. During the war, the Battalion had two mascots. Bruno was a Belgian sheepdog adopted by the Battalion near Ploegsteert, Belgium in 1916. Fritz was a German artillery officer’s horse captured during the assault on the Crow’s Nest at Hendecourt-les-Cagnicourt, France in 1918. Both mascots returned to Canada with the battalion at the war’s conclusion. For details on the story of each mascot, click on the boxes below.

LtCol Bent on Fritz (left) with Maj J Girvan Engelskirchen, Germany 1919
Bruno the mascot
27637 Private David Milloy and Max. Valcartier 1914
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