Regimental memorials

Queens Park memorial
Regimental Memorial, Queen’s Park, Toronto
“Then came the momentous Armistice parade of 1923. A regimental memorial, of which Capt. E. W. Haldenby, M.C., was the designer, had been erected during the summer in Queen’s Park, being financed...
Stained glass window -St Andrew’s  church
Memorial window, St Andrew's church
The Highlanders Window – a stained-glass window designed by Peter Haworth and dedicated on Sunday, 7 November 1937. Mrs. Thomas J. Clark donated the window out of her admiration for the Regiment....
Communion Table Wide looking out
Memorial communion table, St Andrew’s Church
The Communion Table in St. Andrews Church was constructed in 1934 and has been designated as an Historic Site. The Communion Table is in the chancel beneath the Regimental Colours and was dedicated on...
Mount Pleasant memorial - front
Regimental Memorial, Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
Formed in Toronto on October 16, 1891, with Captain John Irvine Davidson as the first commanding officer, the 48th Highlanders of Canada first saw active service in the South African War (1899-1902) when...

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