The theatre or campaign battle honour Hindenburg Line was awarded to the 15th Bn for operations conducted 26 August to 10 October 1918. This battle honour covers all other actions and battles involved with cracking this formidable series of defensive positions constructed to the east of Arras, France by the Germans in 1916 and early 1917. Included in this time period are the Battle Honours Arras 1918, Scarpe 1918, Drocourt-Queant and the Canal du Nord.
Map from ‘We Stand on Guard’
by John Marteinson
Capt SD Skene MC, Battalion Scout Officer KIA 10 Oct 1918
And buried in Vis-en-Artois British Cemetery,Haucourt. He
was the Battalion’s last officer KIA during WWI.
Period photograph of a section of the barbed wire defences of the
Hindenburg Line. (LAC)