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Pursuit to Mons

10 October to 11 November 1918
Canadian troops resting in the main square at Mons

This page describes one of the 21 battle honours won by the 15th Battalion CEF.

The battle honour Pursuit to Mons was awarded to the 15th Battalion for operations conducted 10 October to 11 November 1918 during the final phase of the war. During this period of time the Canadian Corps engaged the retreating Germans in a running series of battles in France and that ended at Mons in Belgium where they pushed the Germans out of the town on 10–11 November.

During this phase of the war the 15th Bn moved forward to Vitry, France on 11 October.  On the 12th they cleared Arleux suffering 3 killed and 15 wounded.  On 20 October the unit fought their final action near Wallers Station in France suffering their final casualties of the Great War – 4 killed and 10 wounded.  The unit was in Somain, France on 11 November when the war ended.

Mons was, ironically, where the British had engaged the German armies for the first time in battle in the Great War on the 23rd of August 1914. As such, Mons is considered by some to be considered the place where the war both began and ended for the British Empire.

For more information see Mons on the Canadian War Museum web site.

Pursuit to Mons map


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