Brigadier General (ret) Greg Young, OMM, MSM, CD BGen Greg Young joined the Canadian Forces in 1964 as an infantryman with the 48th Highlanders of Canada.  He progressed through all the NCM ranks to Master Warrant Officer qualifying and instructing on numerous basic and advanced trade specialty courses.: scout, machine gun, mortar; sniper; assault pioneer; armour defense;  demolitions; basic para; AVGP; Mechanized Combat Team Commander. He served in various infantry and combat support Platoons including Weapons Platoon, Armour Defense Platoon. Mortar Platoon, and Assault Pioneer Platoon. In 1969 he was attached to 2 PPCLI and deployed to West Germany as the Assault Pioneer Platoon Sergeant in Combat Support Company. BGen Young served in every sub-unit of The Regiment and completed his sixteen years as an NCO as Sergeant-Major of Charlie Company. BGen Young also trained extensively with the US Army qualifying Special Forces Recondo in 1980. In 1980 he was commissioned to the rank of Captain and appointed OC C Company (Mech) 48th Highlanders of Canada introducing the AVGP and mechanized infantry ops into The Regiment. During his five years as OC Charlie Company BGen Young expanded the Regiment’s successful training exchange with the 107th Armoured Cavalry Regiment USANG deploying a fully mechanized Combat Team to support their operations in 1985. For his work with the National Guard, he was awarded the Army National Guard Commendation Medal. BGen Young was promoted to the rank of Major in 1984 and appointed Unit Operations Officer in 1986.  From 1987 to 1988 he was attached to Toronto District Headquarters and tasked to create the District Battle School, which he subsequently commanded.  He returned to his Regiment in 1988 as Deputy Commander. One year later he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and appointed Commanding Officer.  As Commanding Officer, BGen Young commanded an Armoured Battle Group during the first Total Force FTX, Exercise On Guard 90 in that same year. During his tenure as CO, he led the Regiment through its 100th Anniversary celebrations culminating with a trooping of new Colours in 1991. He relinquished command of his Regiment in 1992 and was transferred to LFCA HQ, Land Force Restructure as the SSO for the 10/90 Infantry Battalion project.  On completion of this tour, BGen Young returned to Toronto District HQ and served as G1, DCOS Sup, DCOS Ops and Deputy Commanding Officer.  He was promoted to Colonel and assumed command of the newly formed 32 Canadian Brigade Group in June of 1997. BGen Young was awarded the OMM in 1998 and commanded Task Force Central Area during Op Abacus in 1999. Upon completion of his tour as Commander of 32 Brigade in 2000 he was appointed ACOS of LFCA HQ. Subsequently in 2001, he was promoted to Brigadier-General and appointed Deputy Commander of LFCA.  In January 2005, BGen Young assumed Command of LFCA, only the second Reservist in LFCA to ever do so. Upon relinquishing command of LFCA in Oct 2005, he was appointed the first Deputy Commander of Land Forces Doctrine and Training Systems in Kingston. In Nov 2006 BGen Young deployed to Afghanistan as the Deputy Commanding General of the Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan  US CENTCOM . As DCG of the Police Reform Directorate, he was responsible for the manning, training, equipping and facilitizing of all Police Forces within the Afghan National Security Forces. For his service in Afghanistan  BGen Young was awarded the SWASM with Afghanistan bar; the Legion of Merit, Degree of Officer and  the US Joint Unit Meritorious Award with Oak Leaf Cluster by the Government of the United States; the  Bariyal Medal for Bravery, 1st Class by the Government of Afghanistan and the Meritorious Service Medal by Canada.   BGen Young  retired from the Toronto District School Board after 35 years as a teacher and Department Head of History in 2005 and retired from the Army in 2007 after 43 years service. General Young is currently the Chairman and Team Leader of the 15th Battalion Memorial project.
  Honorary Colonel, John NewmanHonorary Colonel John Newman SB STJ, CD served with the 48th Highlanders of Canada as a Junior Officer from 1957 to 1962. He accepted the appointment of Honorary Lieutenant in 2007 and was appointed Honorary Colonel in 2011. He has been the Chairman and CEO of Multibanc Financial Holdings Limited, a private investment vehicle located in Toronto, since his retirement in 1990 as Deputy Chairman of Prudential Securities. Honorary Colonel Newman also served as Chairman of the First Canadian Place management committee from 1995 until 2007. He is currently Chairman of the AGF Family of Mutual Trusts and Corporations and is a director of a number of public and private Canadian corporations engaged in in real estate development, insurance, investment, mining, forestry and financing.Honorary Colonel Newman is a member of the Senate of the St John Council for Ontario, Canada Company, the Royal Canadian Legion 165 Branch, the Royal Canadian Military Institute,  the Board of Directors of Commissionaires Great Lake Financial and the Grey and Simcoe Foresters Honorable Guard. He is the Honorary Chairman of the 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project and Operation Blue Puttees and Chairman of the St John Foundation Canada. 


Captain (ret) Vic Goldman, CD.   Captain Goldman enlisted as a 16 year old private soldier with the 48th Highlanders in 1963.   Over the years he served in numerous regimental appointments culminating in his promotion to CWO and appointment as RSM in 1984.  During this period of time he qualified as a Basic Parachutist, Advanced Anti-Armour Instructor, Demolitions Instructor and AVGP Driver.  His seven year appointment as RSM started with The Royal visit held  two weeks after his appointment and ended with the culmination of events surrounding the 100th Anniversary.Following commissioning in 1991 Capt Goldman served as course officer for a number of district level courses including Recce Patrolman, QL3 Infantry and AVGP Driver.  He transferred to 32 CBG HQ where he served in Public Affairs and as the Operations Officer for the Brigade Battle School.  Capt Goldman retired from the Primary Reserve in 2006 at age 60.  He then served as an officer with the Cadet Instructor Cadre at St Andrew’s College until he reached mandatory retirement at age 65.  Capt (ret’d) Goldman continues to serve with Cadets Canada as a Civilian Instructor.In civilian life Capt Goldman was employed 34 years as a teacher with the Scarborough and Toronto District School boards.  



 freddyhoncapt18 Hon. Captain RNZN Freddy Declerck retired from the Royal Belgian Navy in 2004 after 35 years of service and continued to serve in the Belgian Reserve Forces until 2014. He began his career in 1969 as an NCO in anti-submarine warfare on board mine hunters and sweepers as well as a scientific research vessel and a supply ship. Freddy was attached for two years to the Dutch Navy serving on a cruiser, destroyers and frigates and in 1976 he trained in Halifax on Canadian sonar systems being equipped on Belgian Navy frigates. He was an instructor during the 1970s before transferring into Information Technology for Human Resource Management and becoming a commissioned Officer in 1989. In 2000, Freddy was seconded from the Belgian Navy to become co Information Technology for Human Resource Management would become his duties for 20 years and he was commissioned in 1989. In 2000 Freddy was seconded from the Belgian Navy to become the commander of social services for Defense for the provinces of West and East Flanders.  

Upon his retirement in 2004, Freddy Declerck became deeply involved in Great War remembrance and commemoration. He became Chairman of the Passchendaele Society 1917 in 2004 and President of the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917, positions which he retained until 2015.In those positions, he was mainly responsible for commemoration events such as the annual November 10th Canadian remembrance service at Crest Farm in Passchendaele and the renewal of the Passchendaele museum. His work in this regard took him to Canada in 2013 to negotiate a joint agreement with the Canadian Department of Veteran’s Affairs for cooperation on remembrance and commemorative events during the Centenary of The Great War.

Freddy has been strong supporter of the 15th Battalion CEF Memorial Project since its beginnings in 2007 and was instrumental in obtaining permission for the sites of the project’s very first memorials at St. Julien and Gravenstafel ridge in the Ypres salient area. He also conducts annual 11 November wreath laying ceremonies at all three 15th Battalion memorials in Belgium and regularly conducts on site research and photography in support of the Project.

His military service and commemorative activities have been recognized with numerous awards and acknowledgements;

Queen’s Birthday Honours 2015 – Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit (MNZM)

Ridder Leopoldsorde (Knight Order of Leopold)
Officier Kroonorde (Officer Order of the Crown)
Officier Orde van Leopold II (Officer Order of Leopold II)
Militair Kruis 2de Klasse (Military Cross 2nd Class)
Militair Ereteken 1ste Klasse (Military Medal 1st Class)



 Capt. Gilbert Bio Captain (ret) Steve Gilbert, CD Captain Gilbert first joined the 48th Highlanders at the age of 16 as part of the Unit`s 1964 Student Militia Course and was later an instructor in that Program. He served actively, throughout the 1960s and 70s, both in the Regiment, in various Platoon, Company and Battalion level appointments, and as a Staff Officer, in both the Administrative and Operations Branches, at Toronto Militia District Headquarters. During these years, he participated in the Unit`s 1967 Trooping of its Colors, as part of Canada`s Centennial celebrations, and was also a section commander in the unit’s Mobile Command (MOBCOM) Reserve Company. In 1972 and 1974, he deployed on two major Arctic Sovereignty Exercises. In 1980, he transferred to the Supplementary Reserve, in order to pursue his civilian career. He returned to the Regiment in 1990 and served as unit Adjutant during and after the Regiments 100th Anniversary year in 1991. Subsequently, he transferred to the local formation headquarters, at 32 Canadian Brigade Group, where he served as a part time and eventually full time staff officer in Public Affairs and various other appointments, including that of Headquarters Adjutant, until his retirement in 2008. He has since come out of retirement to join the Cadet Instructor Cadre and serves, in that capacity, as a member of the St Andrew`s College Cadet Corps, a unit which has strong affiliations with the 48th Highlanders of Canada.In addition to his work with the 15th Battalion Project, Captain Gilbert has been, since 2006, the Editor of the Regimental Journal, The Falcon. In his civilian life, Captain Gilbert was, for thirty years, a high school teacher, teaching History and Co-operative Education at Weston Collegiate Institute in Toronto. He currently teaches in the Faculty of Continuing and Professional Studies at Sheridan College.  



Lieutenant (Ret) J Richard Hergel CD

Regrettably, Rick passed away suddenly on 30 July 2019. Those who served with him, especially his fellow Project Team members, will miss him very much and we acknowledge his contributions to preserving the legacy of the 15th Battalion CEF.  We will remember him.

enlisted with the 48 Highlanders in 1976 as a Private, at the age of 16.  Upon completion of his University studies, LT Hergel returned to the Regiment in 1982 to take his Commission as an Officer. Lt. Hergel served in various roles while with the 48th, including Platoon Commander, Assistant Adjutant, Transport and Signals Officer. Additionally, Lt. Hergel was posted to TMD as Public Affairs Officer. Retiring from the Reserves in 1994, LT Hergel returned from 1997-2000 to assist with the 48 Highlanders Cadet Corps.LT Hergel’s civilian career began with the Canadian Film Industry in the area of Camera Systems, and he is an Affiliate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers. He currently works with Air Canada. Lt. Hergel looks forward to assisting the 15th Battalion Memorial Project in the effort to preserve the memory of these Highlanders and as a positive  means of continuing to serve.” 






 Sgt. Bowie - Bio Image Sergeant (ret) Guy Bowie, CD. Enlisted in 1977 with the 48th Highlanders at the age of 16 and completed his basic training. Having left the regiment to complete his post-secondary education, Sgt. Bowie re-enlisted in 1983 and served with the 48th until retiring from the Primary Reserve in 1997.Sgt. Bowie carried out a variety of tasks during his time with the regiment, including: Small Arms Instructor, Platoon Sergeant, District Battle School Instructor. He has always felt it a privilege to serve in such a historic and storied regiment. In civilian life, Sgt. Bowie has pursued a career in information systems, including his past position as Vice President, Information Technology for William F. White International Limited, and his current position as Principal at KeyPoint Systems Limited in Toronto. Sgt. Bowie continues to serve the regiment as Secretary of the 48th Highlanders Continuing Sergeants Association, and is honoured to be part of the 15th Battalion Memorial Project Team as it works to preserve the memory of those who sacrificed so much.  


 Ian Macdonald Ian L. Macdonald is the grandson of Donald Macdonald, who served as a piper in the 15th Battalion alongside his brother Angus. An avid photographer, his photographs have appeared in books and magazines as well as the Regimental magazine, The Falcon. Ian’s photos are in the private collections of The Queen & Prince Charles and other members of the Royal Family. A photograph of Her Majesty The Queen wearing her 48th Highlanders regimental broach, as Colonel-in-Chief, taken by Ian can be seen in the Memorial room in the Officers Mess at Moss Park armouries. Ian is co-owner of Majesteas Fine Teas in Toronto and was awarded The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal for his work with the 15th Battalion Memorial Project and Aboriginal and LGBT youth.  


  Mr Simon Godly is based in France. The Great War became a passionate hobby somewhat by hazard. Whilst on a visit to France back in the nineties, Simon walked into Terlincthun CWGC Cemetery near Boulogne. His great-grandfather had served with the Leicesters during the war and had been gassed. Although his grandfather survived, he was never the same man and died shortly afterwards; crippled physically and mentally by his experiences.Looking at thousands of crosses from a multitude of races, friend and foe alike, set Simon off on the long road of visiting the sites and monuments and ultimately creating a website to recount his battlefield travels www.webmatters.netOn retiring from the police force, Simon decided to base himself in France and this has led to a number of valued friendships both in France and abroad. From a Canadian perspective, Simon worked closely with Vern Theissen during the research for the play “Vimy”. He has also written articles for the Central Ontario Branch WFA on two subjects close to his heart….Battlefields and Beer.It was, however, his association with historian and author Michel Gravel that brought him into contact with Brig. General Greg Young and his team. In 2010, Simon was asked to sound out the possibilities for a commemorative plaque at Festubert. Following its successful inauguration in 2011, Simon was invited to join the team as their “Man in Havana” to work with various French authorities to obtain permission for the construction of the monuments. To quote Simon..”It is a task I undertake with pleasure, for, to quote a widow’s epitaph to her husband: “If I do not remember, who will?”…our answer should be a resounding “We Will!”