Mr . Jeremy Hodgkinson of Sussex, UK recently placed a post on the website of The Canadian Expeditionary Force Study Group regarding artifacts related to the15th Battalion’s Pipe Major, Sgt Alexander R. Keith, that were in his possession. Mr. Hodgkinson’s aunt had been the friend of Alexander Keith’s sister Maggie Keith and when she died they had cleared her effects. Among those effects were Pipe Major Keith’s artifacts which Mr. Hodgkinson retained and looked after for the last 50 years. Motivated by the interest in The Great War now being generated by The Centenary, he searched the internet for information on Alexander Keith and was surprised by all that he found. His post to the CEFSG website forum expressed a desire to donate Pipe Major Keith’s effects to a museum/organization where they would be appreciated and possibly displayed. The post was spotted by CEFSG member Scott Stothers ( great nephew of John Canon Stothers, 15th Battalion) who immediately phoned our Project Chairman with the information and he in turn contacted Mt. Hodgkinson with a proposal to donate Pipe Major Keith’s medals toThe Regimental museum of the 48th Highlanders of Canada in Toronto. Within days the artifacts arrived by post and they will soon be on display in the museum.Through the generosity of Mr. Hodgkinson these artifacts are coming ‘home’ to Pipe Major’s Keith’s Battalion and his Regiment to help tell another part of their story in The Great War.
     PM Keith 2
Piper AR Keith
Gordon Highlanders, Boer War
Pipe Major AR Keith
15th Battalion CEF