St Julien ceremony

Gravenstafel ridge Centenary ceremony 24 April 2015 St Julian Centenary ceremony 26 April 2015
MM6 Descendants of Lt Maxwell Scott visit 15th Bn Gravenstafel Ridge memorial April 2015
CSM Louis DeHarte No. 1 Company and Sgt William Duguid No. 3 Company of the15th Battalion were taken as POWs at 2nd Ypres and both interned at Gottingen, Germany. Their descendants met while attending the 24 April Centenary ceremony: grand daughters Barbara (left) and Lousie (right) DeHarte and grandson Kirk Duguid (centre). Lt Maxwell Scott was wounded leading No. 11 Platoon of No. 3 Company at 2nd Ypres. His son David (standing right), grandson and wife (standing left) and David’s wife and great grandson (right) visit the 15th Battalion memorial on Gravenstafel Ridge April 2015.