Regimental History

      1891-1900     1891-1929     1929-1956      1956-1991             1891-2000


The 15th Battalion was one of three battalions raised for service during World War I by the 48th Highlanders of Canada and The Regiment continues to this day to perpetuate the 15th Battalion and its 21 Battle Honours. The Regiment was founded in 1891 and since then five histories have been written – From left to right above: History of the 48th Highlanders by Alexander Fraser covers the period 1891 to 1900; 48th Highlanders of Canada 1891-1929 by Kim Beattie covers founding to post WWI and details the service of the 15th Battalion from 1914 to 1919; Dileas by Kim Beattie picks up where his previous history left off, details WW II service by The Regiment’s 1st Battalion and ends in 1956; similarly The Spirit of The Regiment by Jack Batten picks up in 1956 and takes The Regiment’s history to its Centennial in 1991 also briefly overviewing the period 1891-1991. Family of Volunteers by George Beal is an illustrated history of The Regiment from 1891 to 2000. With the exception of the first history, all the Regimental histories contain sections dealing with the 15th Battalion but none in more detail than Kim Beattie’s first book. The Red Watch published in 1916 and written by the 15th Battalion’s first Commanding Officer, Col J.A. Currie, is not a Regimental history but an account of the 15th Battalion from its raising in 1914 to when Currie left command following the gas attack during the battle of 2nd Ypres in April 1915. The first three histories are out of print and difficult to obtain. The last two are available through the Regimental Museum and other public sources. The Red Watch has been reprinted since 1916 and is publically available. The first two histories and the Red Watch are available here on-line – click on the book cover or cover page to access the book.