Drafts and Reinforcements

 Miscellaneous Drafts raised by the 48th Highlanders

      In addition to the two reinforcing battalions, the 92nd and the 134th, and the 92nd Battalion 1st Reinforcing Draft, the home Regiment the 48th Highlanders also recruited many men for other CEF Battalions. The first draft raised after the departure of the 15th Battalion in 1914, was a half company of 100 men for the 19th Battalion under command of captain N Perry and this was the Regiment’s representation in the 2nd Division. A full company was also raised in 1914 for the 35th Battalion under command of Major R Wilson and Captains Campbell and W Gow.
        In 1915 two platoons totalling 60 men were later recruited for the 58th Battalion under command of Lt. G Cassels and a full company under command of Capt MR Gooderham for the 74th Battalion. A further 100 men under Captain Mathieson were recruited for the 73rd Battalion in that same year.
Raised Central Ontario 7 Nov 1914.
England Apr 1915.
France Sept 1915 in 2nd Division. 
Canada and demobilized May 1919.
Raised Ontario 7 Nov 1914.
England Oct 1915.
Became 35th Reserve Bn 9 Feb 1916.
Into 4th Reserve Bn(Western Ontario 4 Jan 1917.
Pipe Band wore Davidson tartan
Raised Ontario 20 Apr 1915.
England Nov 1916.
France Feb 1916 in 3rd Division.
Canada and
Demobilized May 1919.
Raised Quebec 10 July 1915. England Apr 1816. France
Aug 1916 in 4th Division. Withdrawn from line  14 Apr
1917 and absorbed into other units 19 Apr 1917.
Raised Ontario 10 July 1915. England Apr 1916.
Broken up for reinforcements 18 July 1916.