Book of Remembrance
In the right-hand abutment are 25 loose leaf pages with the names and rank o the dead in both World Wars, 1818 soldiers. The book has beautiful handwriting of good sized block script and is very legible. When the Book is opened showing, two pages about 120 names are in sight. In the left-hand abutment is the title page and dedication of the Book, all engrossed on parchment within an artistic coloured border of flowers and symbols. These are as follows:

“Their name liveth forevermore- Book of Remembrance 48th Highlanders – inscribed upon these pages are the names of those men of the 48th Highlanders of Canada who in the Great Wars gave their lives that those they left behind might be spared the ills which they themselves endured. Their comrades have placed this memorial beside The Lord’s Table in the trust that they, their wounds all healed, their sufferings overpast, may live forever in the light of His Kingdom Who gave His life a ransom for many.”

Cover of the Book of Remembrance

Sample page of the Book of Remembrance
with names of 15th Battalion members