In 1914 the Canadian Government purchased 5099 Colt Government Model  1911 45 caliber ACPs to equip the 1st Contingent and also later the 2nd Contingent. The contract serial numbers were C3077 to C13500. Then Captain Charles Edward Bent of the 17th Battalion was issued pistol C7862 which he retained throughout the war following his transfer to and subsequent command of the 15th Battalion. Colonel Bent retained possession of the pistol following the war and in a 2012 interview his last living son recalled seeing the pistol at the family farm in the postwar years. However, after Col Bent’s death in 1955, the family lost track of the pistol and it’s whereabouts was unknown until it surfaced in 2012 in an Ottawa gun store.

Corporal Wilson Taylor of the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa purchased the pistol and subsequently contacted Project Chairman BGen Greg Young regarding the possible return of the pistol to the Regiment with an offer of sale.  Donations of funds were quickly forthcoming and Col Bent’s pistol was purchased for eventual return to the Regimental Museum and a display dedicated to Col Bent.