YPRES 1915, 17

This battle honour was awarded for participation in the 1915 and 1917 campaigns conducted in the Ypres Salient.  It covers specific actions between 22 April 1915 to 25 May 1915 and 31 July 1917 to 10 November 1917.
During the timeframe represented by this campaign battle honour the 15th Bn was additionally awarded the battle honours Gravenstafel, St. Julien and Passchendaele, all three of which are emblazoned on the Regimental Colour.
Canadian Passchendaele memorial
Canadian St Julien memorial

This map of the Ypres sector from the Regimental history of the 48th
Highlanders of Canada shows locations were the unit was engaged
during this time frame in 1915 and 1917 as well as the action in
1916 when the battle honour Mont Sorrel was earned.