The battle honour Drocourt-Queant was awarded to the 15th Bn for operations conducted 2-3 September 1918 during the final phase of the 2nd Battle of Arras (26 August – 3 September).The Drocourt-Quéant Line was a set of German defensive lines located between the French towns of Drocourt  and Queant.
       Artillery pounded the mass of wire entanglements and the Canadian Corps prepared itself to attack and break the D-Q Line.  As part of this preparation the 15th Bn  attacked and seized key jump off positions at the Crow’s Nest and Chateau Wood on 1 September.  While not a key engagement it was one of the few single unit actions in the entire war and was key to the unit’s success on the following day’s attack.
     The attack started at 5:00 am with the 15th Bn following 500 yards behind the 16th Bn who successfully crossed the Drocourt-Queant line and seized the German support line by 9:00 am.  At this point the 15th were to pass through the 16th Bn and drive against the Buisy Switch line with the 16th providing close support.
    This second phase of the attack took the 15th Bn beyond the range of artillery support.  Casualties were heavy as the unit fought its way forward and through Bois de Bouche to the Buissy Switch which was secured by 3:30 pm.On the following day, British and Canadian forces cautiously moved forward to within striking distance of their next objective – the Canal du Nord.
      During the period 1-2 September the unit suffered 253 casualties which included 3 officers killed and 10 wounded, 53 men killed, 31 missing and 156 wounded.

Restored Chateau Hendecourt
Captured by 15th Battalion

Map from ‘Regimental History of the 48th Highlanders of Canada by Kim Beattie
KIA during assault on The Crow’s Nest &
Chateau Wood . Clockwise from right:
•Lt B. Loudon
•Pte H Rowsell
•Sgt J Huxley
•Pte E Kennedy
15th Bn memorial & ‘The Crow’s Nest’ hill captured 
1 Sept 1918 in distance