Regimental Sergeant Majors


27001 Keith James DCM 1915-1916

•Born 1873
•Previous service with the Camerons in British Army and RCR in Canada
•Came as a Sgt with LCOL Marshall from Hamilton to join the 48th at Long Branch in 1914
•RQMS when Bn left Salisbury for France 1915
•Replaced RSM Grant as RQMS and later made RSM in Jan 1916
•Awarded DCM for Festubert.  Long service and Good Conduct medals as well
•Severe illness, hospitalized  in June 1916 and SOS to Shorncliffe CID as instructor 2nd Cdn Trg Bde
•Posted to 3rd Ech GHQ and then to 1st Cdn Entrenching Bn
27558 Grant William H 1914-1915

•Born Wawanesh Huron County ON 1869
•Employed as a contractor pre war
•Served in South Africa in British Army &  Awarded MVO 4th Class in 1906 as a Colour Sgt with the Gordon Highlanders
•CSM No 2 Coy 1914
•Made RSM in Valcartier but still in CSM rank at Salisbury UK 1915
•Wounded in leg at St Julien,  SOS 2 May 1915 and returned to Canada
•Re-attested as an Officer in Jan 1918
•Lt at 1st Depot Bn 1 COR
RSM Frederick Gledhill DCM

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27629 Fraser William G DCM 1916-1917

•Born 1889
•Pre war employment as a steward and chef
•1915 CSM No 2 Company
•Posted as instructor to 4th Army School and returned to Bn to be A/RSM June 1916
•substantive RSM Oct 1916
•Hospitalized Nov 1915 and Jan 1916
•Wounded April 1917 after Vimy by arty fire and SOS May 1917
•Transferred to 1st Cdn Recruit Depot Shorncliffe