Col C.E. Bent CMG, DSO, VD

LCol C.E.Bent,CMG, DSO VD was born in Pugwash NS and prior to the war he was a Customs Collector. He was the Deputy Commanding Officer of the 15th Bn when in May 1915 he replaced LCol Marshall and with exception of short absences from the Battalion – to command 3rd Brigade, for leave in 1917 and after being wounded in 1918 – remained the Commanding Officer until the Battalion was demobilized. Like Marshall, he too was already an experienced officer by the time he came to the 15th Battalion in 1915. He was part of the over 400 reinforcements mainly from the 17th Battalion (Nova Scotia) and the 30th Battalion (British Columbia) sent to rebuild the 15th Battalion after it was nearly destroyed at 2nd Ypres.  Before the war Bent had served in the 93rd Cumberland Regiment from Nova Scotia and then as a Captain and Adjutant of the 17th Battalion C.E.F when the war started.  He became a platoon commander with 15th and following Festubert was made Deputy Commanding Officer. LCol Bent lead the Battalion at the Somme where he won a Croix de Guerre, Vimy,  Hill 70, and Amiens. He was awarded a DSO and bar for leadership in the field. Bent commanded during the post war occupation in Germany;  brought the Battalion home in 1919 and then returned to Nova Scotia where he was a fruit farmer in Paradise.
Major C.E.Bent 1915
 LCol Bent (seated right) with
15th Battalion Officers 1916
 LCol Bent (centre) and 15th Battalion Officers
Toronto 1919
   Major Bent in trenches 1915
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  LCol Bent, wife Lida, and son
  Edgar at DSO cerimony
  London 1917